House season 1

22 episodes.
So the first season of this wonderful hospital drama / comedy was over, and Im left with the same feeling that Huff gave me. This is a well written series, based on House and his surroundings. Much of the praise goes to him, but without his staff and partners, this could be any other show. Because what I think, is that Greg House is an excellent character, who Hugh Laurie plays with style, might be the most important part, but could never have done this on his own. He is unpredictable, even when you think you know him. In one way, just like Dr. Cox from Scrubs. But the other characters is unpredicable as well, they act like normal human beings (if I know humans right), meaning that they make right decisions, not just descisions we as viewers think they'll make.
The second season is currently running, but I will take a few days thinking if I really need to watch it right now. Scrubs has recently started, and soon there will be Huff as well.




4. januar 2005