Northern Exposure season 1

8 episodes.
One of the shortest first seasons Ive seen since American Dad and Tilt. In the end I'm pleased by the quality of the show, but when it comes to picture and soundquality, I wish I'd bought another version, with more bonus material and remastered picture/sound. But for the money I spend, this package gave me full value for the money.
Why I like this series is very easy to explain, the plots are very simple, and it's got a warm humor and a sense of realness. Some of the scenes might be a touch of unrealness, but in the end, the characters and surroundings gives a feel of graciousness. A warmth in the cold Alaska. I remember I used to watch this irregularely when I was younger, because it was sent late at night, and from what I remember, it gave me the same feeling back then as now, of being a nice series for the whole family.
Looking forward to the second season on DVD.'




14. januar 2006