Scrubs season 2

22 episodes.
Another great season of Scrubs. You can tell on the numbers of episodes Ive seen these past few days. What I liked with this season ending, is that it was not all sad and cliffhanging. Well, I've told earlier on that something about great endings and what they're liked. But for a show such as Scrubs there should be no teardropping endings. After this season, that means now, I've only got the first season left. Funny way to watch a show, starting with seasons 4, going backwards. But I guess it doesn't really matter. When I'm done with the first season I will be thinking about what happen after, but I've seen the second one, so I know that, and I also know what happen after the second, and third. And by then the thinkingline has become so long that I don't wonder about what will happen after the forth season. You get me?
But hey, I can't wait for the fifth season to start airing! This fall is going to be great!'




16. juni 2005





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